What is special in Inovbot

Inov-Bot is a multipurpose educational DIY Robotic kit which is best suited for beginners. Inov-Bot is a compact and portable design. It is a multifunctional robot that can be configured to work autonomously.

Inov-Bot is Designed and Developed by Creative Engineers of Inov Robotics Pvt. Ltd.,. Each and every part of the bot is designed in such a way that the maker can explore his creativity.

Inov-Bot consists of Industry-grade mechanical components and tools which equips the learner to be industry ready.

Inov-Bot is build with opensource hardware which induces makers to modify and create plenty number of project with same kit simply by changing the program in it.

How to Program

  • This robot supports both Graphical drag and drop programming and Conventional robot coding.


  • Software is designed in a manner that code will be automatically and lively generated while each block dropped in the sketch space.


  • This helps students to study conventional coding while working with graphical coding.


  • Inovbot also supports Arduino IDE coding and Scratch 2.0

High Quality

Scratch Programming

Cross Platform

Replaceable Parts